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Church Insurance

Get the right Insurance protection for your church! The process can be complicated. There are a variety of potential financial risks that you must be aware of.

Church Insurance is a licensed insurance broker and we always help churches get the right church insurance policy for the best price.

General Liability

General Liability protects your church from the risks of normal everyday business operations. Bodily injury, personal injury, libel, slander, contractual liability, copyright infringement and medical payments are some examples that are covered under General Liability.

Property Insurance for your Church location(s)

Property coverage includes the building(s) on your property as well as the contents within the buildings. In addition, property insurance includes any signage and fencing your church property, as well as things you add by schedule such as musical instruments, stained glass, etc.

Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Coverage

Unfortunately, sexual misconduct cases can occur anywhere, even your church. Sexual misconduct cases can be filed against church employees, clergy members, youth pastors, and even volunteers. According to Church Law and Tax, the sexual misconduct problem is the most serious financial exposure facing church-related organizations in this day. Don't go without this valuable protection.

Why Use the Services of Church Insurance

Your insurance needs go well beyond what we’ve discussed here, so it’s best to reach out to us to discuss your situation to assess which policies will work for your house of worship.

Church Insurance is an independent insurance agency that will take the time to review your current and future needs and help you stay properly protected for many years to come. Make sure you’re still getting the most affordable price and the top coverage available - that's what we do!

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